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bu ilanı beğen You're Here; You Need Your Car There, Or Visa Versa (Kansas City, MO./Leawood, KS.) bu ilanı gizle göster

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Madison at ward parkway

(google harita)

If you don't have time and/or desire to drive your car to
where you want it to be; contact me and I will drive it
for you.

If you purchased a car from another city, or got a
transfer, or need your car to be where it isn't;
I will drive it there for you.

I drive for a number of car dealers in the Kansas
City area doing dealer trades.

I drive a car to a dealer in another city. Trade it for
the one the dealer here in Kansas City needs, and
drive it back to K.C. (Home Base)

If you need a car driven somewhere, or need it
driven here to the Kansas City area, I can help.

Let's discuss...

(Not a towing service.)


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