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Looking for Photographs from Muhammad Ali autograph signing - May 1988 - Mission Shopping Center

We are looking for someone that happened to be present at the Mission Shopping Center in May of 1988 for the Muhammad Ali autograph signings. Muhammad was signing free autographs promoting his cologne sales outside of the Macy's store. If you bought a bottle of his cologne, you got a free autograph. We were present for the signing and when it was my husband's turn I was holding our 6 month old son. Muhammad reached out and asked to hold our son so I could help my husband get his items out to be signed. He had a big piece of glass from his pinball machine to be autographed. There were flash bulbs going off so we know that pictures were taken of this - we are looking for someone that might have one of these pictures.

If by chance you have a picture of Muhammad at this signing with our son, I would love the opportunity to get ahold of it.
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