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Hello everyone,

I would like to build a community or help facilitate the process by creating a space to talk on the internet and face to face. The are many things happening around the world, and here in Kansas City, we are in the middle of what happens not just of what happens in America, but the world.

I have a vision for the mid-west, although growing up on the west coast, I have had many lessons to come into a place of knowing the lies of society. Partly based on our money is based on false trade and press, the federal reserve. Anyways, I will not falter from sharing my truth in the midst of darkness. I have spoken at a church assembly, on buses, to many businesses, to a Mormon leader summit and more.

I still am scared sometimes and don't preach to have the highest view, but it is important that I share the importance that if we the people don't come together, our country will be ruled for the established elite, by the elite, and of the elite. I love human beings, and I know the potential for love is so great. I don't care where you live, it is time to use technology and our psychical resources and time to the best of our ability so perhaps our future will not come with a bag of coal this country so refuses to sit on our face on. Not switching to the renewable energy that is here today.

The truth is my friends of America and wherever you are, that if the people don't demand justice within a certain period of time, justice will come upon us. Not by some angry god, not by the demons of evil, but by the choices of the people themselves. For it is we who direct the course of our future, but it is only we who can guarantee that it is based on generosity, creativity, and non-violent revolutionary direct honest towards all the crap that is not working. Then we can allow the space inside our hearts to fill what does work, and that my friends does not require degrees, certifications, and qualified personnel to achieve.

So I am writing this today, as a spark of hope that with the power of the people, and the intelligence of the kingdom of god within people, we can release that kingdom which has a capacity of infinity to things of magnificent blessing our current minds could not conceive of. But only together can we rise, for it is divided we fall. Most people on my street do not want to talk to me, but maybe there are some who do.

For if we don't change soon for the future of this world that contains two thirds of the world that is in poverty, this world will change ours upside down and inside out until we see all life is inter-connected and wars, natural disasters, economic breakdown, and diseases are all started by the choice of our free will. What will we choose this day? I have chosen? Would you like to come together and just start a conversation?

I love you no matter what all of you guys think of yourselves, and it will be the love that casts out all fear that will break one day, everyone on this earth to their knees to know we all our family and we all deserve the innocence to live, eat, and play as children. Right now we are being milked like cows, and it is not all our fault mostly, but lets not get carried away to judging the splinter in the eye of our brother and know that without vision the people perish. For if good people do nothing, evil will triumph.

I thank anyone who has read this message to its fullest, and welcome you to being my friend, the friend that will not blindside you in times of despair, but I have limited resources as all of us, and I look forward to combining everything that I own and Am to the table of the last supper this day and age represents. And so with these words, I leave you with the basic humanity to love one another as Jesus, Allah, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Julian Assange, John F Kennedy, Gandhi, and many others have for us when no one else did for them.

I thank you for you being here, and let us create a new world order based on the unconditional freedom to follow the river of life to what many would call anarchism or chaos, into an age of Love, the Love that has no opposite or enemy.

Gabriel E. Phelps.

(my phone number is owned by my God mother)
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