Fully Mod Chip OLED Switch (CHEAP LIKE-NEW) + 6 Games (SM RPG++) - $450 (Olathe)

135th Street near Pflumm
condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Nintendo
model name / number: Switch / OLED
(I guarantee you this will cost you about $50 and/or 20 minutes time to have the mod-chipped OLED Switch fully functioning again and worth every penny. The ONLY issue with it is a simple software one, and simply sending it into sthetix should be extremely cheap and easy fix. That said... the other "side" of the Switch still works like new a nd you can play games that you own online (it also has a Pokémon Home subscription, too.)

It's like new, only the Switch has ever been taken out of the box. Every Switch game, rom, and the ability to download every game/update for free will be available to you for free once you either fix the minor software issue or just simply send it into sthetix for a cheap fixing. But again, any Switch game that you already own can be played just fine. Also, virtually every game known to man has been installed on the Console already so once it has a minor software update the mod chip will work like normal gain and you'll be able to play any game you want and if it's not only already installed, simply install it yourself extremely easily using the application located on the Switch.

Includes two like-new pro controllers (black,) two unopened console bases, one like-new Pokeball Controller in box (~$50 retail) and cords for use plugging it into the TV if you want to, each Switch has a 1TB Micro SD and virtually every game known is installed on the mod-chipped OLED model. Includes two spare glass screens that you can easily replace yourself (there's a scratch or two one of the Switches, but only the very top so the glass screens will make it look new again,) Includes approximately 8 physical games and a handful of some of the most expensive games available digitally as well.

Includes two Switches in total, one has a mod chip and an OLED screen and one is the model prior to that one. Two (one very large, both brand new) Nintendo Branded Cases are included and in brand new shape... worth ~$100.

Multiple 1TB Micro SDs are included for each Switch, with all games installed. One Switch is fully modded (chipped by sthetix) which cost me $700. I purchased this just a few months ago, .... it came.. er, I purchased it overseas. Again, the modded Switch does have one minor issue and that's simply that the software needs to be updated by plugging it into the computer, downloading a file, and dragging and dropping the files you downloaded onto the SD card that's inside modded version. Once you complete this you'll have access to every single game (not just Switch games,) for life. That switch does have one minor issue, the software needs to be updated (I can show you how to do this, ... I'll provide all the info and give you the link to download HATS where you can just drag-drop the files onto the SD card and it will fix it. It's a very short, 10 minute process at most. Worst comes to worst, you pay someone $50 to do it for you and get the item for less than half off in brand-new condition.

Make me an offer if you want! Make me an offer on just stuff that you want, if you want! Will be up for another 24 hours at most but then I'm taking it down.

The Switches also include two separate screens (as one of the screens has a slight Scratch on it, but it just needs to be replaced) ...and I already paid for the screens. It's hard to even tell that it has a scratch on it once you start playing but if it bothers you just simply trade it out with one of the two provided official screens.

Even without being fixed, this Switch works just fine on the normal side and can play all 8-10 games that have been purchased with it. Once you install HATS and get the other side working (a $20-$50 job at most,) then you'll already have virtually every game known to man installed on the Switch... including many of the greatest games of all time in the form of roms and all the Switch games ever made. The OLED Switch that already has a professionally installed mod-chip inside is also in it's immaculate, complete in box condition. One (retail $50-$60) official external Nintendo Pro controller for playing using the TV is also included along with all the cables and the never-before-used base. This is the best deal you will ever find and the fix that needs to be applied is extremely small in nature and can be fixed for $50 at most or in 10 minutes by yourself.

Switch comes with 1 single 1TB micro SD card, which leaves plenty of room for all the games your heart will eve desire.

Includes both power cables, about $100 in like-new Nintendo branded carrying cases, around 6 digitally installed games and many of them are the most desired games out there....

This is honestly the steal of a lifetime and if it doesn't sell ASAP then I'll probably just take down from Craigslist.

Was just hoping for some quick cash ... give me a call now show contact info (or text preferred first, ) if you're interested and let's get this deal taken care of before I change my mind or someone else buys it!

Oh and it also has nearly a year of Pokémon Home service and Online Service (Around $100 value in addition to the multiple $60 controllers, the Pokémon Powerball Controller which is worth $50 & is CIB, the expensive cases in immaculate condition... the modded OLED switch that just needs a software update... etc.... WOW! Don't miss out and contact me now!)

I am perhaps open to offers but I did just spent well over 2K on all this stuff and the software fix on the first item is a very cheap fix yet cost me an additional $350 + Overseas shipping to pay for the console to have a mod-chip professionally installed... so please keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind it has basically every game known to man installed on it already for free.

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