The Brunswick BVP Goliath 15 pound bowling ball - $45 (shawnee ks)

condition: excellent
The Brunswick BVP™ and Monster™ ball lines were developed to provide the widest range of reactions available at the popular moderate price point. This line-up provides any bowler the ball performance they’re looking for at a price they can afford.

Technology – Hook Potential Scale Expanded
Advanced Particle Technology and a new core system have resulted in the Goliath, the highest hook potential ball in Brunswick’s history. Brunswick’s Hook Potential Scale, formerly 10 – 150, has been expanded to
10 – 175 to accommodate the 160 Hook Potential rating of the Goliath.

Medium RG: Goliath’s new inverted bell core system is a medium RG design that is a perfect match to the Goliath high traction coverstock. High traction coverstocks can roll too early when combined with lower RG cores. The Goliath core helps create mid-lane recovery and a strong arcing backend reaction.

Medium RG Differential: With an RGdiff. of 0.044 the Goliath Inverted Bell Core System will provide plenty of track flare for most bowlers without encountering the problems associated with over-flaring.

New Particle Coverstock: Goliath’s High-Load Particle coverstock is the result of extensive R&D and six years of particle coverstock development. These experiences have combined to produce a coverstock that significantly improves particle ball performance. Compared to Brunswick’s previous mid-price particle offerings, the Goliath has both a higher hook potential and a more skid/snap arc. Bowlers will find that these performance enhancements result in a particle ball with greater room for error and improved pin carry on many lane conditions.

400-grit wet sand finish: Goliath is finished dull to increase its hooking action in the oil.

Reaction Characteristics
Out of the box: With its 400-grit wet sand surface the Goliath is an ideal heavy oil ball. The high-load particle coverstock increases traction and hooking action in the oil, reducing skid and maximizing playability in heavy oil.

When shined: Using Brunswick’s Factory Finish High Gloss Polish the total hooking action of the Goliath can be reduced to a more moderate hook potential and the arc made more skid/snap. Changing the surface finish in this way allows the Goliath to be used to smooth the over/under reactions seen with Reactive coverstock balls on medium volume wet/dry lane conditions. With its new particle coverstock, even high RPM players with be able to use the Goliath shined to smooth wet/dry lane conditions while avoiding the early hooking action associated with many high load particle balls.

High Load Particle
Color: Deep Purple
Hardness: 76-78
Factory Finish
400-Grit Wet Sand
More Information

Core Dynamics
RG Max: 2.590”
RG Min: 2.546”
RG Diff: 0.044”
RG Avg: 4.8
Hook Potential: 160
Length: 45
Breakpoint Shape: 45
Available Weights
10-16 Pounds

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