maak plasing gnstling ONNIT Steel Maces - $1 (700 SW 29th st Blue Springs, MO) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

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I have steel maces available for half the price. Will make if worth your while if you buy the whole lot. Lots of size 10 and 15lb Available.

ONNIT Steel Maces are constructed from precision-balanced, hand-sculpted cast iron, and offer long-lasting durability with a budget-friendly price. For relative beginners, popular mace workouts like the 360, Uppercut Press, Ballistic Curls, and Alternating Swing Lunge are best to develop and perfect at a lower starting weight (15LB or less) before moving on to a heavier option. An additional benefit of the mace, however, is that you can also increase the resistance simply by sliding your hand closer to the end of the handle

Keywords: Fitness, exercise, Olympic weights, powerlifting, crossfit, SSB, Swiss Bar, Rogue, ironmaster.
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