In need of land to camp on (Blue springs or any jackson county area)

I'm in need of some quiet private land to camp on temporarily with my family. I have everything I need to survive and do not need any water or electric or other amenities. I am very clean and respectful of land and wildlife. No drug usage and no trash or any type of disturbance will occur. I am a mother of two children who has recently become homeless. I am recently employed to build income so that I can get an apartment in the near future. I have my own transportation and I will not be a disturbance in any way. I'm just trying to survive and I can't afford the $22 per night at normal campsites. If you have land and don't mind allowing someone to camp for awhile you would be truly helping someone in need. I will not leave any trash or have any visitors. I just want a safe place to camp with my children until I get back on my feet. I know how to camp without water or electric hookups. I know how to keep the area clean and will dispose of any and all waste somewhere else when I go to work. I just want to have somewhere safe that I won't have to worry about my campsite being robbed while I am away and to know that me and my children are safe at night from the public and other people that might try to take advantage of our vulnerable situation. I can follow any rules or requests. I am a polite, respectful, educated woman who is not trying to take advantage of anyone nor wanting to be taken advantage of. I'm a Christian and my 2 kids are polite and well behaved. We are just in a hard time right now and could really use a quiet place to be safe and sleep at night.

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