Akita/German Shepard Rehoming (Kansas City Metro)

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Maverick is an incredibly sweet, gentle, and playful Akita/German Shepard Mix. He is a beautiful dog, a bit shy at first and barks at strangers a lot. After he warms up he is a big teddy bear! Loves to cuddle and play all the time, never shown any aggression towards my wife or I. We adopted him in January, and unfortunately his level of food aggression towards our other dog has pushed us to the point we probably need to find a new home for him. If we did not have another older dog, he would be the perfect single dog!! It is hard for us to give him up. He is house/crate trained, knows basic obedience commands.

Only aggression he has shown has been over spilled food when our other dog and him both go for it at once. Often times it has been too fast for us to react before a fight breaks out. Other than that they get along well. He has not shown any food aggression towards us, we can take food out of his bowl or his mouth and he will not show any aggression. Has never even growled at my wife or I.

He does bark quite a bit constantly at strangers. And can come off as scary. Needs to be in a home without other dogs and probably without people coming in and out constantly.

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