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I have a small company, and I am looking for someone to work with our small company. I do not expect you to be at my beckon call, but when I get a job, and when we set up a date and time to do the work, it gets done. No exceptions. If you can not work within this then DO NOT CONTACT ME. I am pretty easy going, but your word is your bond.

I have a few people that help me that can be used on ropes and grounds men.

You need your own climbing equipment, you must know what you are doing, and how much you want per hour, minimum charge; and for a whole day. I am not looking for someone to just help me right now while they are slow and need work. I am looking for some that needs work now, and that come July when we are all busy they are still taking care of me when I need a climber.

Please tell me your experience level, if you have your own equipment, if you have insurance, IF YOU ARE RELIABLE, and pay desired?

I don't care if you climb for other people, but when we set up a date for you to climb for me I expect you to be there!

If you are simply working for yourself and your work will always take priority do not contact me. This is a working relationship, I take care of you and you take care of me!!! I also try to keep us busy all winter and set up jobs for the winter time to take care of my loyal guys.

I am looking to build a relationship with a climber, I have a couple guys that I use part time, one is always busy, and the only can't seam to call me back for days. I am looking for an honest, loyal tree climber to work with me. You will get out of this relationship what you are willing to put into it.

Please email me with answers to All my questions, and ask any questions you may have. I have work now, but am going to rush into the wrong person.

I will be in touch today!
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