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Anyone have any advise how to solve a problem I have. When I moved into my basement apt 14 months ago. The lady who has been on probation for drugs upstairs kept making noise with friends after midnight. Once I told landlady she said if she kept doing it she would evict her. She lied. Its a duplex upstairs. I never get any sleep after midnight. So when they turned up the noise I would call the landlady and she wouldn't do anything. So I would call the police because of the noise which she didn't like because she was and still is on probation for selling drugs. Which in not sure she still isn't still selling them out of her apt. Anyway the people on the other side of the duplex works. From 4 to midnight then doesn't go to bed till 5 am. So when they get so loud I would turn up my music or beat on the ceiling and if they quoted down then I turned down my music. But now I'm the one that is drug into court. She slapped me with eviction notice. I didn't have a car or no where to go n the middle of winter. She didn't care. I only get 708 a month so I told her I couldn't pay rent I needed a car if she expected me to leave. Which isn't right. I didn't and don't cause any trouble. I have to b out by march 2. But I just got me a car and didn't pay rent. I have no where to go and have to pay to put my stuff in storage. Will also have to rent a truck and help to move my stuff. I shouldn't b the one to move. She told me I could stay if I quit causing trouble.. I told her it was too late I had already started to tear up my home. The renters upstairs pay twice as much as me and the landlady is money hungry. I told her to use my deposit for Feb rent. And so now she says I have to pay Feb rent and $100 for late fee. My car cost $800. $93 for insurance and $85 for taxes. How can I get out without a car. I shouldn't b the one to go. But sleeping n my car cause I can't afford another place on $708 a month in the Kc area. At least I may get some peaceful sleep. I have never made noise unless they did first. And there is always more than twice a week different cars n the parking lot. It really scared me. Any advise to use in court would help. I have no one to help without paying them. And I stretch $708 as far as I can. I only get to work maybe 4 days a month. For heaven sakes in a great grandma thrown out n the street because of unruly tenants. They ignore the noise after 10 pm. Wish I could afford a lawyer. Thanks for reading this. Hope I hear something positive. Barbara
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