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Beware of these people they took my life and destroyed it and they are in with lawyers and the judges so u have no way of getting out of it i did a complete house flip for them at 3712 s chysler ave independence there names are craig and gloria daniels they burnt me in court on 16k cause there friends with the judge and part of that 16k was a yrs rent paid in reciepts to show but they put us out with2 kids at xmas time so my kids didnt get a xmas and now its freezing and we are all homeless left to die thanks to them i myself could never so that to anybodys kids these old people has no concience what so ever and i believe the guy might be a pedo so when one of us or are kida die in the cold they will have to live with this on there mind for eternity and go to hell for this so if u care bout your family stay clear and all contractors stay away do not do work for these people they are slum lords that dont pay beware craig and gloria daniels don't let these people rip u out of your hard work or your money nor leave your kids homeless and take there Xmas really what kind of people do that to children these people keep flagging and I will flood Craigslist all about u even more and more told them I would post more
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