märk ann. som favorit $800 2BR needed, prefer house, near 75th and Metcalf area (OP / Lenexa) dölj den här annonsen visa

hundar är OK – voff

I'm going to put my dream wish list out here and I am praying that the right person will see it. I'm responsible, employed, have over 14 years of perfect rental history, small dog (under 25 pounds). Quiet, clean, respectful of neighbors and property and responsible renter. Christian values and believe in taking care of what I have. No criminal background or associates that do.

Seeking a 2 bedroom, prefer 2 bath house, duplex or townhouse (apartments are OK but would really like to be in a quieter environment, no parking hassles, etc.).

Taking a new job in the area of 75th and Metcalf and would like to move to save on what will currently be a significant commute. Please help me find a home that is reasonably priced, reasonable deposit, clean and safe.

Thank you for looking!
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