Order Soy yogurt (non-GMO, organic) from 64oz of soymilk - $25 (KC, K - $25 (KC, KS)

Ingredients: Sterile Organic non-GMO soy, water, live cultures.

No dairy, no chemicals, no preservatives, no additives, no thickeners. Contains live cultures. (Good for your gut, therefore good for your immune system and mood regulation.)

Every 8oz of soymilk has 9 grams of protein (18% of your recommended daily amount of protein).

The price includes the cultured product from 64oz (1/2 gallon) of soymilk. I make this single batch and fresh to order, so it will be the freshest possible for you. So I need a minimum of 24 hours notice before you would like to pick it up. (Don't forget to bring me your clean glass containers before hand, if you don't want to buy them from me. More on that later.) There is only one order size: the cultured product from 64oz of soymilk.

I make this for my family due to dairy intolerance [plus we are vegan]. We use it every morning on our cereal (doesn't make cereal mushy like milk does, and full of probiotics). Of course, you can add pureed or chopped fruit with or without sweetener. I use it any time a recipe calls for yogurt, buttermilk or sour cream, (pancakes, cake, bread, salad dressing, etc.) or any time I would like to add sour cream (baked potatoes, nachos, tacos, veggie dips, soup or chili garnish). I also use it to make an Indian/Pakistani drink, called Lassi (you've had Mango Lassi at Indian restaurants?), as well as Raita (the cooling sauce that makes hot and spicy foods not burn your mouth). We (2 people) go through one batch in about 1.5 weeks unless I bake a lot that week.

Containers: The price does NOT include the price of the container(s) you take it home in. There is a container fee if you don't supply me with your own clean containers IN ADVANCE. That is, I will not transfer to your container(s) when you come to pick it up. I provide it in YOUR container(s), if you give them to me ahead of time, OR, I provide it in MY container(s) which BECOME your containers once you PAY for them. But honestly, for our personal use, I just use empty store bought salsa jars - so I'm saying you can get jars for free if you're trying to save money.

Since no false thickeners are added, this is a pourable yogurt - but too thick to think of as a drink, really - thicker than store bought buttermilk. It thickly coats a spoon, but it doesn't mound up solid on the spoon, and it drips from the spoon when tipped. If you want it thicker (like store bought or Greek yogurt), you can strain it in cheesecloth at home.

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