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đ.đm: Brush Creek Community Center

Life Changes Home Care, LLC is having a Winter Fest Event for the Whole Community.

We do not discriminate on who can attend our event. What we do offer to our vendors who register to become a part of the event and purchase sponsorship packages is the only vendor of your type of business at our event.

You will not have to share any potential new clients or leads at this event with another vendor who offers the same services as you.

The goal is to be able to focus all residents of the Kansas City Metro surrounding arounds to your line of work and to show them why you are different than other companies in your same industry.

We want you to also build relationships with other vendors who could potential help you service your client in a more satisfying way.
We have sponsoring packages as low as $150.00 and high as $1500.00.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at this community event please reply immediately so you can book the one spot available in your field.
We are accepting start up businesses as well as well established businesses. Please reply to this message with your contact information and details of what services you have to offer.

Once you email me with interest of joining our event, you will be added to our vendors list to be emailed out the sponsorship details. We have only had 50 spots available and there are 30 remaining. Please book your spot before its too late.
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