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Get a daily text message with the next question in the Bible study, the quoted bible text that contains the answer, and the commentary on it. Many people have responded and enjoy getting these daily texts.

These Bible lessons are provided by "It Is Written." The New King James Version will be used in this study.

You may start and stop these at any time by replying with "Bible Study" and your first name and whether you want text or email, then give phone # or email address. Then I'll send the first message as soon as I can. Then every morning between 6:30 and 9:00, I'll send the next part.

If you have any questions concerning the Bible study, you may text or call with your questions or concerns.

After receiving your first text, create a contact for it, named Bible Study, or something of your choosing.

You can text Stop at anytime and I'll stop sending all messages.

Jesus Christ is the major focus and theme throughout the entire Bible. Both old and new testaments. We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, believing that the power of God will transform our minds, hearts and lives so that we can live in harmony with the entire universe, living a life that will never end, where love reigns supreme.
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