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Reddi Services is a local, family owned company who has had over 50 years of experience serving the community of Kansas City. We love our community and reflect that in our affordable prices and superior customer service.
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Check out our reviews online and see why our customer service makes us stand out from the crowd. We offer all types of plumbing and HVAC Services including:

Septic Pumping Service
Reddi Services recommends regular Septic Tank Pumping and Maintenanc. Regular pumping of a septic tank will extend the life of your wastewater system and protect your drainfield. In fact, correctly maintained systems can last for decades. Reddi Services is certified to maintain, repair, replace, and pump septic residential and commercial wastewater systems.

Carwash Trap Maintenance
Poorly Maintained Wash Traps Can Cause Flooding!
Large tanks in the wash bay floor collect the stubborn sludge and require certified, code-compliant professional cleaning. Reddi Services provides cost effective, reliable cleaning and maintenance services to commercial and industrial clients of varying sizes.Using state-of-the-art equipment, such as a hyrdro jet and vacuum extraction, a Reddi Services technician employs a cleaning process similar to that used to clean catch basins, septic tanks, and grease traps.

Grease Trap Cleaning
We offer top-notch emergency services 24/7, but recommend routine, expert maintenance to avoid such situations from happening in the first place. Grease traps need regular maintenance to function properly and avoid failure. This includes a regular pumping and disposal schedule, periodic inspection and cleaning, and occasional repair or replacement. Proper trap function also prevents backups and damage to interior plumbing structures. A certified liquid waste removal service is required to meet local and state cleaning guidelines.

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