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I want to learn to fight. Ideal is for free :) ... it would also be ideal if you can pick me, because I don't have a car right now. I don't do drugs, not even mj, honestly I don't drink either. I'd say my body's a temple, but I scarf down gummy bears and dingdongs, so not quite. I'm not heavy, i'm scrawny, not under weight as far as know... Not sure how strong my bones are, so don't wam me too hard. I drink milk almost every night.

Ideal would be to meet a girl, but that's just my lonely side talking... My geeky side, wants to meet someone who can train me to get fit and built... yes, like the Arrow. But I don't plan to fight crime anytime soon, I'd like to explore and travel, and I don't think being the equivalent of Shia Lebouf from Evens Stevens is gonna get me very far if I run into trouble... I'll wait till I'm like 40 to take on the streets.

I'm looking for someone to teach me to fight, but again that's mostly motivated by geek wishes...

I'm 31, male, average body shape... about five eight. Great learner, great listener, good worker.

I do not have a vehicle, so I can't train too far outside of Olathe, and I'll need picked up and dropped off. And don't tell me I have to walk as part of the training...
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