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Hello all.
I'm a 3 year yoga practicer & new to the area.

I am looking a for a eager and expressive and creative acro yoga friend.

My husband and I just moved, so I have shelter and extra mats to practice on in my own home.

We will have a public meeting first

The ideal person to reply would be a woman.
A fellow 20 -something young person. With a yoga practice.
They would have a desire to practice yoga a little more often. (Specifically weekends.)
Someone who has an open mind to exploring yoga.
Someone with a creative attitude towards yoga
Someone who has taken an acro yoga class before--because I havent!



I like to do things email style when I do public ads.

So email me.
Then I'll get back to ya and we will set up a meeting.

Thanks again!
  • НЕ обращайтесь ко мне с незапраш. услугами или предложениями

ид. сооб.: 6487376498



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